TPF Spirit

While the sweet soup and dessert market is changing from time to time,

our company has also been improving and breaking through since 2008.

Raising the quality of the productions, at the same time improving the services,

we hope to give the best impressions to the customers.

In this intensely competitve market,

we are confident to invent more and more special and unique flavor on traditional Chinese sweet soup.

“Constantly Improving” – the principle of Tong Pak Fu,

and this, should be the real HK’s dessert shop with HK people’s spirit.

Since the start of Tong Pak Fu, in accordance with our passion in original flavour

and our insistence no artificial ingredient, we keep inventing and trying.

By building up our experience and technique on dessert production,

we grow together with the experience of the customers.

For the stability, consistency and giving our customers the best quality,

we imported different kinds of high perfomance manufacturing equipment from Taiwan.

We are strongly confident that we can give most of the customsers satisfaction.

The Snowies and the desserts produced by Tong Pak Fu are also appreciated by not only

the local customers but also the foreigners.

At the same time, we achieved good results on many contests hosted by many magazines,

websites and media.

In the future, we will keep our insistence on “Best, and then better”,

to achieve the best yet we still keep improving to get the better one.

We are looking forward to serve you soon.